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I believe that we all have the ability to create our own reality.
The real power comes when you believe it too.
Let's get there!

I'm Erin 

School Counselor 

Curriculum Creator 

Life Coach 

How I got here...

I had always loved the idea of working with children and it was this passion that pushed me in the direction of becoming a School Counselor.  I had found a great fit! I loved being in the classroom and working with children to help them discover their true potential.


Thoughts are Power

I began teaching my students the power that their thoughts have on their lives.  I began teaching them that they are capable of whatever they choose to do, but it begins with their thoughts.


 It begins with the messages they tell themselves.  The more I taught my students these messages, the more they shared stories with me about amazing things that were happening in their lives.  Students would run up to me in class to tell me that the things they had put on their vision boards were happening!


The more I worked with children, who were wide-eyed and excited about their future, the more I realized that there are so many adults who don't feel this way.  That's how my life coaching business developed.

What happened to our ability to dream BIG???


How can we push our students and OURSELVES to stay in the BIG dreams rather than look for evidence that certain paths are just not possible for us?

The programs I create are all based on the belief that we all have the power to create our own future, to dream big and to prepare our mindset now for the amazing future that lies ahead, no matter your age.

You are your only limit...

If you can Dream It

You can Do It

-Walt Disney

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