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YET! 5 Steps to Getting UNSTUCK and changing your mindset!

Challenge what you believed was possible by filling out this Live Your Life Fearless workbook!

I was running up a mountain, and I passed a woman, who yells out "I'm not that good!", as I run by. I turned around and looked at her and said "Yet!". Then I said, "that is the word you need to always remember". She looked at me and in a very sincere way, said "I will!" It was at that moment that I wanted to run over to her, give her my business card and say "Oh there's so much more I need to share with you!" But I didn't. That's just not the way I am...yet.

One day, a few years ago, I was introduced to a video that explained growth versus fixed mindset. When you have a fixed mindset, you believe you are the way you are because of your circumstances or genetics and there's no way to move forward and grow. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is understanding that no matter your circumstances or history, you have the ability to grow and change.

1. Believe that you are unstoppable and that NOTHING is impossible for you!

Challenge what you believed was possible by filling out this Live Your Life Fearless workbook!

When I was a fifth grader, I did horrible in school. I remember always feeling lost and having to rely on others to understand what I was supposed to do. Even when people explained things to me, I still felt lost. I remember nights working on fractions with my mom, as patient as she tried to be, ready to slam my head against the wall. She never actually did, but she might have fantasized about it from time to time.

I remember feeling like my teacher didn't have any faith in me or my abilities. Unfortunately, I got the same teacher the following year. During my sixth grade year, I'll never forget the report card with three F's on it. I felt like I could not and would not ever be one of the smart ones. I wanted to do well, I wanted my teacher to like me, I wanted my parents to be proud, but I just didn't understand anything and didn't know how to learn.

Towards the end of the year, my teacher had a conversation with my parents, urging them to retain me. There were no evaluations or meetings to determine my strengths and my challenges. There was no diagnosis or understanding of why I couldn't learn, it was just that I was "not mature enough". That same teacher, a third year in a row? There was no way my parents were going to let that happen. I'm very thankful for their faith in me, who knows how different my life would have been had that happened.

2. Identify all of your limiting beliefs. What has stopped you from moving towards your dreams this far? Write them down!

Seventh grade came, and something clicked. I was placed in the lowest Math class and it was just too easy. I remember looking at the clock and counting the minutes until class was over because I was so incredibly bored. My teacher had the skill and ability to notice that I was bored. He decided to talk to my parents and get their permission to move me up a level. I couldn't believe it.

The same thing happened in my other classes. I started to feel like I might not be dumb. How could that be? I still wasn't 100% convinced that I was getting smarter, but I did feel like I had an easier time learning. Another thing I found confidence in was running for our high school cross country team and placing well in races. Confidence is confidence...once you see that you're capable of doing something, it opens up other doors.

3. Look for evidence that you were WRONG about your limiting beliefs...all this time. Document it!

Challenge what you believed was possible by filling out this Live Your Life Fearless workbook!

As I started believing in my abilities, moving up in math classes through the years, getting A's on my papers from one of my most challenging English teachers, earning a spot on the National Honor Society and receiving the Principal's award as a senior for "outstanding athletic and academic achievements", I realized that I was capable of anything. I was able to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. If only my 5th grade teacher might have said "you just don't get it YET, but you will", I might have come leaps and bounds much sooner.

Just remember the word YET and you'll be amazed what you're capable of. Don't limit yourself to only those things you think you're good at. Expand yourself, try new things, build your confidence and see what happens.

4. Always, Always, ask yourself this question: "If I believed it were possible, how would I do it?" Then do it.

For extra support, challenge what you believed was possible by filling out this Live Your Life Fearless workbook!

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