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Lottery Winners?

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You CAN create financial abundance...you must first believe that you can.

My boyfriend and I were watching a 20/20 episode about a woman who used the Law of Attraction to win $112,000,000. I LOVE 20/20, I LOVE the Law of Attraction and I LOVE $112,000,000 - so we decided to give it a shot! The next day we were deciding on the amount that we wanted to win - the Law of Attraction responds to specificity...be specific!

We were playing around with the number 7, but we couldn't find an amount that would roll off the tongue. We moved past the 7's and decided to settle on 11's. 11:11 has been a significant time for me in remembrance of my father and it just felt right. The number we chose was $111,000,000 - YES, we decided that would do.

A few days later, I was facilitating my weekly coaching group and decided to run the idea by them. More minds involved lead to more power in the process and a greater likelihood of success. The group was excited and open to this idea. They passed the money along to me and decided to allow me to purchase the tickets.

FREE workbook Live Your Life FEARLESS

I've never purchased lottery tickets before and felt true sympathy for the woman behind the counter who was burdened with my many questions and requests, it's really not as easy as it appears. As I was taking the steps up to the front door of my house, I glanced down at my tickets. The ticket on top read:

"Jackpot: $111,000,000"

I could not believe what I was seeing. It was at that moment, that I knew...it was going to happen, we were going to be rich!

I excitedly ran into the house and yelled for my boyfriend. He couldn't imagine what I was so worked up about. He came out and looked at the number I was pointing at on the ticket. He rarely shows his excitement...but he did hop in his truck, head down to the local convenience store and buy eleven more Mega Million tickets.

I went onto my coaching group in Facebook and encouraged them to begin visualizing things they would do with the money. One by one, they starting posting pictures and ideas about how they would spend it. It was going towards creating beautiful private schools and animal shelters and yes, also nice homes. I've been putting off creating a vision board for close to a year now. If I was going to create one, now was the time. As I began posting the pictures of the future I saw, I decided to print them out to create the masterpiece.

It didn't stop there. As a family we began discussing ideas and dreams and ways to spend the money. I heard about dreams from loved ones that I didn't know existed - like buying dilapidated homes to fix up for needy families and our children discussing giving money to friends so they could have the same things we had. Just by imagining and believing that we were truly going to win $111,000,000 we saw moods uplift, positive attitudes and excitement booming through our home.

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On the day of the drawing, I put off the inevitable task of checking my tickets. I believed I would win, but I was nervous to take the plunge...in case we didn't win. I was nervous about how the energy in the house might plummet. As I plugged in the numbers one by one, ticket by ticket, I was waiting for the word "jackpot" to show up on my computer screen. I even practiced punching in the winning numbers a few nights before so I could visualize what it looks like when you do win. I was disappointed by the small word on the right side of the screen that simply read "jackpot". There were no fireworks, there was no confetti, no champagne. I would take it though, if it did appear.

By the time we got to the last number on the last ticket and discovered that it wasn't a winner, I looked over at him and said "We didn't win." He looked disappointed, as if he truly believed we were going to. I thought my heart would sink, like the day after Christmas when the excitement is gone and you feel the despair of knowing you have to wait another 364 days before the holiday comes again. I was surprised when I didn't feel that despair.

The feeling I had was peace and contentment. I discovered that when you begin to feel abundant, whether you actually physically have the money or not, it doesn't matter if it's there. When you truly feel as if it is there, it will be soon.

This experience taught me and the ones around me to dream much bigger than we would have had we not believed the money would come. Now we have bigger standards and more to work towards. It will come. We continue to see signs of it everywhere. Expand your dreams and ask, "if I believed it were possible, how would I do it?" Then do it.

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