• Erin Dickson

5 Ways to De-Clutter your Home and Mind

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If you're anything like me, you've still got bins half full of Christmas decorations waiting to return to the attic and the rogue snowman chillin' on your windowsill. You've got half your sweaters on the floor of your closet waiting for rescue as well as some random skirts that made an appearance when you heard it wasn't going to snow for the first week in a month.

Spring Cleaning has arrived - you're excited and stressed. Not only do you have to gut out your winter STUFF, but if you've got little ones, theirs too! On top of a full-time job, cooking, cleaning and everyday household chores. How to get it all done???

1. Play the 10-30 game: Schedule 10 minutes into your day for a little organization party and choose your place of attack - like the food pantry. Here's what happens: You decide you're gonna take 10 minutes to see what you can ditch. 10 minutes turns into 30 and when you're done, your pantry is nearly empty and you realize that you need to go to the grocery store to replace all of the stale crackers you just threw out. You'll be surprised at what "10 minutes" a day creates in your home!

2. Make Cut-Throat Decisions: If you haven't worn it or used it within the year, throw it out! I went through my closet today and every time I picked up an item and hesitated for more than 5 seconds, I said "Cut-Throat" and threw it in a bag to be donated. Don't second guess yourself, don't say "well I might use it next year" cause you won't. I promise YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! Do the same thing with glasses, plates, tupperware. Do you really need 30 glasses for 6 people? Apparently we did...enter Erin.

3. Use Oprah's hanger system: Place all of your clothes on hangers facing the opposite direction you normally hang them. Once you wear them, they earn the privilege of facing back the easy way. After 6 months, any hangers still facing the awkward way hold the clothes you no longer need.

4. Create a Plan: Those who write their goals are 50% more likely to achieve them than those who don't. Seriously, didn't make that up - google it. Write down the following things:

a) One small area of my house I plan to attack this week

b) The day and time that I will begin

c) The amount of time I will devote to this area

d) What I want the outcome to be (ie: all of my winter clothes stored, spring clothes in my closet)

e) How I will feel once I've achieved it

5. STOP Multi-tasking! This one kills me...absolutely kills me. As I am sitting here...I'm going from my blog to my upcoming workshop plans, to my website, to Facebook. Stop! That was more for me than for you... I feel so much better when I accomplish one thing than when I put a little dent in 10 things! When you find yourself multi-tasking remind yourself of your goal for the day.

If you use these 5 strategies, not only will you slowly de-clutter your life, but you will also calm your mind. There is NOTHING like opening your closet - pantry - cabinet door and easily finding what you need.

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