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3 Steps in moving from FEAR to FAITH

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Making any major life change is terrifying! It's supposed to be that way!

If you're not feeling fear that means you're hangin' out in comfort zone territory. Comfort zone is okay. It's comfortable. It's easy most of the time. But it can also be boring, mundane and stagnant.

Life isn't supposed to feel that way!

We have been given such an incredible opportunity to be on this earth - why we gotta make it lame - I have no idea! There are so many exciting things we could be doing and creating - but we simply stay put on the gerbil wheel 'cause it's comfortable.

Feeling scared, should be our barometer of what we're about to create. Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. You just gotta cross the threshhold, give in to the feeling of uncertainty and take a risk. Unfortunately, it's not that easy and it's going to take some clear steps to get there.

Live your Life FEARLESS!

1. The first step in making this leap is to believe that your dream is possible! This takes an incredible amount of blind faith.

When I first took my step-son indoor rock climbing, he was hanging on the rope and told his dad "I can't go any further, I'm ready to come down."

Of course I was not going to let him off the hook this easy.

I said "Cam, if you believed it were possible to get up the climb, what would you do next?" and he responded "well, I'd grab that red hold, but I can't reach it". Then I said "If you believed it were possible to get that red hold, what are some ways you might do it?". He started thinking about it - he began to problem solve and he started seeing the possibility.

You see, he started by saying "I can't do this", then he moved onto "but...if I believed I could..." and his mind opened to a whole new world of possibilities. He successfully finished the climb that day and he'll never be in that same space again of believing he CAN'T do something.

Putting FAITH in yourself is KEY in fighting your fears to move towards your dreams!

2. The next step is learning how to feed your dream and starve your fear.

Let me explain...

There is an old Native American legend that goes something like this:

A grandfather was talking to his grandson and was telling him that there are two wolves fighting inside all of us. One is fear, anger, greed, and hatred, while the other one is love, kindness, hope and peace. The grandson says "which one will win?" and the grandfather replies "the one you feed".

When you begin to feel that uncertainty, that fear, that "what the heck was I thinking taking this task on?" Recognize it, and starve it. Then feed the other wolf.

Instead of asking "what if I fail?", ask "how will my life be different when I succeed?"

Feed your dream. Starve your fear. The more you focus on the fear, the more you create worry and anxiety around it. The more you focus on your possible, positive outcome, the more you create positive results for yourself.

3. The final step is embracing and acknowledging your fear!

See it for what it is. Fear is not bad, it’s completely normal and a great barometer of how big your dream is. And truly, I practice what I preach. I’ve moved from a full-time job with a very good, affordable health insurance package for my family to putting full faith into my dream business. I was scared – truly – but you cannot live your dream life if you don’t put yourself out there and take that risk – you just can't do it. You can live in your comfort zone and that’s cool, but it’s not awesome – you were meant for more – that’s why you’re here on this earth.

I remember when I first started leading rock climbs The fear of falling was SO STRONG that I wouldn't push myself up a climb that was clearly within my level. I joined an indoor climbing group and my guide forced me to take lead falls over and over again. Lead falls, while scary, are similar to bungee jumping and if you have a good belayer, very safe.

As I started becoming accustomed to the feeling of falling, I began to push myself more and finally began reaching my climbing goals. These were goals I would not have come close to had I given in to the fear. I knew that I was scared but I embraced it, acknowledged it, and pushed past it.

If we ever KNOW what is going to happen as a result of our choices, of course it would be easier to make them. The uncertainty requires a great deal of faith.

I try to view life like rock climbing. As I'm leaving the safety and comfort of my 40-hour work week with a nice health insurance plan and a steady income...I feel like I'm at the top of climb, ready to let go. The fall, is the BEST part. Then when you realize you've been caught - you can start back up for the next adventure.

Now, fear is my friend, my buddy, my sista. I know when she comes along, she’s telling me something big is about to happen. Good big.

Free Workbook: Live your Life FEARLESS!

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