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2 Questions That Will Change Your Life...

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Sitting in a job I'd been comfortable in for the past 10 years, made it difficult to consider the possibility of leaving it to build my own business. Why would I leave a steady income, health insurance and consistency to risk everything on a business that I had no idea how to start? All I could think about was what could go wrong. How could I possibly take a chance on a silly dream that had very little chance of success, while trying to support my children and pay my bills?

That’s the question I was living in and that’s the question that stopped me from moving forward for so long.

Get your FREE workbook "Live Your Life Fearless"

When I was finally able to start living in a different question, I discovered how to move forward. I wanted it to be a possibility, I wanted to make it happen and I knew that others made it happen. If others made it happen, why couldn't I?

So, I started asking different questions. Rather than focusing on how it couldn’t work, I started working with a solution focused approach –

“If I believed it were possible, and if I believed I couldn’t fail, what would I do next?”

That question opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I stopped focusing on how I would fail and started focusing on what it might look like if I succeeded. That was such a cooler place to be.

What I would do next, was easy. I simply set the intention that I was going to be a coach. Easy. Then I signed up a for a weekend long training. Easy. I told people I was going to become a coach. Easy. As I began to get further into my business, I discovered that I was doing what I was meant to be doing. Nothing was going to stop me at that point.

I moved from "what if I can't?" to "what if I can?" Two questions - two completely different results.

As my business began to grow, my full-time job shifted to a part-time job and it worked! My passion for working with clients and building programs that were changing lives was enough fuel to keep me from looking back.

I focused on the possible success, not the possible failure.

If I had started with “I could never do that” then I never would have. I would be stuck in my routine world of comfort – but not awesomeness. We need to remember to live in awesomeness – this life is too short for routine and mundane.

Change your language and your mind will follow. Ask yourself different questions, live in a world of “what if I succeed – what would that look like?”, not “what if I fail”…because if you live the question “what if I fail”, you’ll never move from where you are today. If where you are today is awesome, then cool - hang out there. For too many people...it's not awesome YET.

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