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How to Create YOUR Dream Life - when all you want is a bottle of wine and a bag of chips!

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A bottle of wine and a bag of chips...been there, done that! Sometimes it just feels easier to drown in food and alcohol, than to face the reality of your life - in the moment - and then after - you feel like s#@!*.

I remember the day I began contemplating a career shift. I was shoveling the 3 feet of snow off my jeep, therefore, my mind was free to wander. Everytime I thought about leaving the safety and security of the job that I had been in for the last 12 years, I felt sick to my stomach. But the thought of staying and letting my dream sit on a shelf for another 12 years, also made me feel sick. Wasn't THIS supposed to be my dream? What happened?

I didn't know how to escape the trap. Would I ever feel GOOD again? I already had my life planned. I already went to school. I had it ALL worked out. Now, I was questioning it? I was damned if I did, damned if I didn't.

Until someone slapped a mirror in my face, I didn't SEE any other way. She said "you're not thinking outside the box - you're not thinking of ALL the possibilities". At first I thought "bull#@!*, there is no other way" but then I gave in to the possibility that there WAS another way.

Could I stay in the comfort zone of my current job AND build my dream business at the same time?

Live Your Life FEARLESS!

Not full time. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to do it. The exciting things that were happening in my life were happening because of the business I was creating. Risky to reduce my consistent, comfortable full-time job? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Would it work? YES! I had to have faith to make it happen.

Change is always scary. Whenever I was having these thoughts, the thought of just staying led to momentary feeling of relief.

But the momentary relief was like the bottle of wine and the bag of chips, I never felt good after.

Then came a moment of clarity.

I get to choose!

I don't have to live another day unhappy. I don't have to focus on what people will think. I don't have to worry about tomorrow, or the next day. I only need to focus on today.

Yah, yah, yah, I know, I have kids to support. BUT I want to set an example for them. My dear children - You can reach for your dreams. You don't have to settle. You get to choose your own path. AND, it might not look the way you thought it would at first.

In a perfect world what would my ideal life look like? When I answered this question, I did not see myself in my current situation. I saw myself feeling a sense of freedom, happiness and peace. I wasn't worried anymore. I felt peaceful and then TRUE RELIEF.

Once I learned how to create a life that didn't have to be the way I THOUGHT it was SUPPOSED TO BE, I began to feel happier.

Once I began to feel happier, the wine and chips just did not seem as appealing as they once once.

All of this happened because I got serious about my vision for myself and for my children. I started actively taking steps that lined up with it.

I stopped living by habit and started living with intention.

You get to choose.

Your job, your relationships, your fitness level, the food you put into your body, your financial situation. You get to choose. There are no set rules.

You are the reason you are where you are today. If you don't like it, you have permission to change it, now. You are only guaranteed this moment in your life.

I've been where you are and I can tell you right now, everything is about to change for you, if you choose to let it.

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