• Erin Dickson

How to Meditate like a Child

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I’ve always struggled to meditate. I know that the benefits are endless. Still, it takes a great amount of willpower for me to sit still, shut up, and just focus.

All those tasks on my "to-do" list threaten to invade my mind. All the itches that I didn't know were there begin to surface.

I feel self-conscious; worried that someone is going to walk in on me – I think there’s something better or more important that I should be doing instead.

In my work, as a lifecoach, I encourage my clients to meditate. It brings clarity, provides answers to puzzles and problems, it’s cathartic and relaxing. AND, it should be okay to just be...not DO, but BE... I think many of us busy adults struggle with that concept.

Click here to get your FREE copy of Mediation in 4 Steps for Beginners!

Hypocritical much? Yes, I might just be.

My 8 year-old and I were sitting on our screened in porch and I decided there was no better time than the present. “Brock, wanna meditate with me?” “Yah!” he responds, enthusiastically. I decide to keep it guided and short…whether that was for him or for me, I’m not quite sure.

I open the app on my iphone and settle on “Manifesting Your Ideal Life”. Before we begin, I explain to him what it means to “manifest your ideal life”.

Brock sits in his chair, the good student that he is, back straight, arms out, fingers and thumbs connected - as directed by the lady in the recording.

We’re ready to roll. I hit play – begin the breathing, the relaxation, the focusing. By about 2 minutes, we’re in deep – well, as deep as you can be in two minutes.

I suddenly hear an exaggerated intake of breath and a laugh. Of course I open my eyes. I’ll never forget the sight laid out before me. There’s Brock, eye’s closed, mouth wide open, exposing his newly formed, gently spaced adult teeth, laughing. His eyeballs are rolling around under his closed lids and he is clearly experiencing joy in it’s purest form.

He is truly in the moment. I can't take my eyes off of him – I accept the reality that my meditation for the day is finished.

As the meditation comes to a close, he throws his eyes open (as instructed) and exclaims, “MOM! I’m going to be a famous artist! That was AWESOME!”

I learned a lot about meditation that afternoon. If everyone had the imagination, faith and belief of a child, everyone would be meditating. Meditate like a child...

Now I will do it daily. I will remind myself of my 8-year-old son, who knows exactly what he's doing, the peace and vision he's creating for himself.

You see, because when you visualize, your subconscious begins to believe that it's real...the more you can do that - the more awesome things you will manifest.

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