• Erin Dickson

One thing you can do TODAY to get UNSTUCK!

Do you ever just feel stuck? Like you know you were meant for more, but you're just not sure why you're not getting there?

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So many women I work with, feel stuck in CONFUSION. They think they know what they want:

I want more money

I want to be in shape

I just want to feel happy

The problem is, they are stuck in confusion and say things like "I just don't know how to get there".

Confusion is really an exuse for inaction. Sorry, rude but true.

I hear a lot of women say "I just don't know what to do to change things", so they DON'T TAKE ACTION!

Here's the key, even if you think you know what you want...you might not be specific enough.

Let me paint you a little picture...if you run a business and someone, contemplating hiring you, says, "how much do you charge?", you wouldn't say "A lot" or "Not very much". You would need to be more specific!

This rule is the same when it comes to deciding what you want and how to get there!

If you are wanting more money, saying "I wan't more money" is not specific enough! See what I mean?

The first step in getting UNSTUCK is truly identifying, very specifically, what you want and why! Unfortunately, you might not know everything you want. But I'll tell you what...I bet you can tell me what you don't want!

First, look at the six areas of your life - Relationships, Health, Finances, Spirituality, Career and Fun & Leisure. Choose only ONE area to focus on first, otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed.

You can find this activity in my free "Live Your Life Fearless" Workbook here!

Then, outline exactly how you want your life to look in that area and write as if you already have it.

If you don't know what you want, then start jotting down all the things you DON'T want. Then when you're finished, turn them into things you want!

If I chose career, it might look like this:

I am so excited that I've finally decided to go back to college! I'm finally following my dream of becoming a teacher. At first, I didn't think it was possible for me, but the more I started imagining what my life would be like once I became a teacher, the more I MADE it possible. I am so excited to have a job where I can make a difference in the lives of children. I love that I have paid summers off, amazing health insurance and a great group of people to work with.

You can take this description as far as you want, actually the further, the better. You see because when you begin to visualize what your life could be like, then you will be much more motivated to move forward with it.

One bit of advice as you move through this process...don't let the negative version of you pop up on your shoulder and tell you all the reasons you can't. You see, being human and all, that tends to happen. Flick her off your shoulder and keep moving forward with your vision. With her there, you won't get very far. Age, Time, Money, Education and all those other sticking points...well, they affect everyone! There are people older, poorer, busier and with less education who have MOVED MOUNTAINS! You can too.

Don't forget to snag your Free workbook before you go! Live Your Life Fearless!

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