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5 Steps to becoming FEARLESS and Making Money in your Business!

Free Workbook: 5 Steps to Becoming FEARLESS in Business

There's a shit-ton of research out there that says 80% of small businesses will FAIL within the first year and a half. EIGHTY PERCENT! Just hearing that statistic leads many aspiring business owners to shy away from even starting.

Just one year ago, I was one of them. I mean why bother? I was exhausted. I was putting in countless hours and money trying to create a program or product that attracted my ideal client and all I heard was crickets. I did my market research and put my entire heart and soul into this program, and I had a few clients transform their lives because of it. Where were all the rest?

When I hired my first business coach, it was a like a new awakening. There was so much I wasn't doing in my business that was completely stunting my growth, but the idea of doing some of those things terrified me!

Why on earth would live videos help my business? Dang, I don't even want my picture taken. Who the hell will listen to me?

And who the hell did I think I was to actually drop my full-time job and accept the half-time position with a household of six? Now that's pure faith right there.

And post about my programs on my personal Facebook page? Are you freakin' kidding me? I will get de-friended 100 times over if I start being one of those people!

If you're not feeling fear that means you're hangin' out in comfort zone territory. Comfort zone is okay. It's comfortable. It's easy most of the time. But it can also be boring, mundane and stagnant. And your business will NOT thrive if you don't ever experience and ACT ON the fear.

Here's what happened to me...

I began taking risks. It started with posting a pretty simple post on my Facebook page. I got a client as result of that post.

I did my first live video on my personal Facebook Page and made it public. It received 1.4k views and 5 shares.

I took on a 30-day Facebook Live video challenge and made it to about 25, but whatevs...I gained over 100 new members to my Facebook group. I thought no one was listening, but I'd have people come up to me and tell me how helpful my videos were.

Then, IN my videos, I started asking people to comment, like and share. This helped too!

Feeling scared should be your barometer of what you're about to create.

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. You just gotta cross the threshhold, give in to the feeling of uncertainty and take a risk. Unfortunately, it's not that easy and it's going to take some clear steps to get there.

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1. The first step in making this leap is define your dream and create your vision! You can't move forward if you don't know what you're moving towards. This workbook will guide you through this beautiful vision of yours!

2. The next step is identifying the fears clouding your dream.

Let me explain...

There's a reason that you haven't taken more steps towards your dream...let's uncover that and deal with it! Click here to snag your free workbook to help!

I remember when I first started leading rock climbs The fear of falling was SO STRONG that I wouldn't push myself up a climb that was clearly within my level. I joined an indoor climbing group and my guide forced me to take lead falls over and over again. Lead falls, while scary, are similar to bungee jumping and if you have a good belayer, very safe.

As I started becoming accustomed to the feeling of falling, I began to push myself more and finally began reaching my climbing goals. These were goals I would not have come close to had I given in to the fear. I knew that I was scared but I embraced it, acknowledged it, and pushed past it.

If we ever KNOW what is going to happen as a result of our choices, of course it would be easier to make them. The uncertainty requires a great deal of faith.

I try to view life like rock climbing. As I left the safety and comfort of my 40-hour work week with a nice health insurance plan and a steady income...I felt like I was at the top of climb, ready to let go. The fall, has been the BEST part. The journey, the things I've learned, and the courage I've gained, I cannot put a price on.

3. The third step is discovering WHY you started in the first place!

Included in this workbook is an AMAZING activity that I discovered in Dean Graziosi's book "Millionaire Success Habits"

I know you've heard it before...discover your "why" to stay motivated, right? This activity is amazing. It's not a simple "why did I start this business to begin with", it goes to a much deeper level and you'll discover your TRUE why, not just your surface level "why".

4. The fourth step is to BELIEVE!

How the hell do you do that when you don't see the evidence??? Well, my friend, it takes a great deal of faith. The process is right here in your free workbook: 5 Steps to Becoming FEARLESS in your Business!

When I first took my step-son indoor rock climbing, he was hanging on the rope and told his dad "I can't go any further, I'm ready to come down."

Of course I was not going to let him off the hook this easy.

I said to him: "If you believed it were possible to get up the climb, what would you do next?" and he responded "well, I'd grab that red hold, but I can't reach it". Then I said "If you believed it were possible to get that red hold, what are some ways you might do it?". He started thinking about it - he began to problem solve and he started seeing the possibility.

You see, he started by saying "I can't do this", then he moved onto "but...if I believed I could..." and his mind opened to a whole new world of possibilities. He successfully finished the climb that day and he'll never be in that same space again of believing he CAN'T do something.

Putting FAITH in yourself is KEY in fighting your fears to move towards your dreams!

And try this little technique for kicks...Instead of asking "what if I fail?", ask "how will my life be different when I succeed?"

Feed your dream. Starve your fear. The more you focus on the fear, the more you create worry and anxiety around it. The more you focus on your possible, positive outcome, the more you create positive results for yourself, and ultimately, the more you BELIEVE!

5. The final step is to take FREAKIN' ACTION!

The Law of Attraction is amazing...but it requires action! You can sit around and wish, hope and dream, but when this results in opportunity knockin' open the DAMN DOOR!

Law of Attraction, huh? Read this and begin attracting the life and business of your dreams!

Click here for your free workbook to get those action steps going TODAY!

See FEAR for what it is. Fear is not bad, it’s completely normal and a great barometer of how big your dream is. When I left the reliable paycheck of my full-time job behind, pushed "go live" and clicked the "Post" button to share my vision with the world, I was scared.

You cannot build your dream business if you don’t put yourself out there and take that risk, you just can't do it. You can live in your comfort zone and that’s cool, but it’s not awesome – you were meant for more – that’s why you’re here on this earth.

Now, fear is my friend, my buddy, my sista. I know when she comes along, she’s telling me something big is about to happen. Good big.

Free Workbook: 5 Steps to Becoming FEARLESS in Your Business

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