• Erin Dickson

7 Steps to Manage Your Time as an Entrepreneur

Trying to build a life of freedom in your business while running a household, working another job, running kids to sports...seems like a contradiction, doesn't it? Sometimes it feels like we're spinning in circles, running on default, doing the same things every day, but somehow wishing for different results. I remember! I remember feeling like I was spinning...I'd start one thing, but then remember another thing I needed to do, then I'd get a text, my kids would interrupt me, or worst of all...it was time to go to my day job.

All I wanted was to focus on my business. I had a vision, but did not know how to make it a reality, because there WAS NO TIME!

7 Steps to Manage Your time as an Entrepreneur Cheatsheet!

That's not 100% true though, is it? We all have the same amount of time in the day. How I was using it was the question...

Let's just go there now!

Step 1: Determine what is ON your to-do list!

Before you can make a plan of attack, you need to know what you gotta do! Use this worksheet to help you!

Step 2: What drains you?

What makes you cringe every time you think of doing it, so you put it off? Write those activities down too!

Step 3: What can you delegate or outsource?

I know that nobody will do it as well as you do. We ALL know that...but when you do things that others could be doing, you are wasting precious time and energy my friend! This is just not necessary! Delegate or outsource! Do you know that you can hire a housekeeper for $20 an hour? Seriously, once a month, clean your house for $40 or $60 bucks. No more toilets... Think of other things you could outsource. Plan it in your budget. Your time is money, my friend.

Use this cheatsheet to help you out!

Step 4: What can you let go of?

Go back to your to-do list. What is on there that you don't REALLY need to be doing? Did you take on too much? Is there something that drains you because it's for someone else? Did you take on a small job that doesn't pay enough to make it worth it? Are you coaching all of your kids' little league teams? Are you volunteer parent of the month? YOU DON'T NEED TO BE! You don't need to play every role for those you love. Let someone else volunteer, put in your time, but don't make it a regular commitment. You are important. Your time is valuable. Use it wisely. Oh, and stop checking your notifications. Well every 15 minutes anyways.

Step 5: What can you place on the back burner?

Prioritize ONLY things that must be done today. Everything else can be put on the back burner. Guess what, it will still be there tomorrow! Just walk away from the task, point at it and yell, "STAY!" It's quite obedient in that way.

Use this cheatsheat to help!

Step 6: What are your priorities?

You've determined what's NOT your priority...now decide what is. What must be done NOW or this week? The toilet can wait. The vacuuming, won't kill you to leave it...

"Hi Kettle, it's me, Pot, you're black".

Be real. What needs to happen NOW.

Step 7: What is your ONE thing?

You've determined what's NOT your priority...now decide what is. What must be done NOW or this week? An emergency happens, you must give up all but ONE task, what do you keep?

That's the task you can focus on now! Grab your FREE cheatsheet here!

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