• Erin Dickson

7 Steps to Exploding your Presence on Pinterest!

If there was one thing I've resisted throughout my business journey, it was all the tech crap.

I became a Life Coach because I LOVED coaching people. I didn't know that I would have to know what "SEO" means, or that I would have to become "visible" on social media, or that I would have to create an email funnel.

And Pinterest. Let me just say...5 months ago, I hated it. I hated that I'd click on a link and it would bring me to a Pinterest board that I had no idea how to navigate.

7 Steps to Exploding your Presence on Pinterest

When I heard that I could get email subscribers for free simply by using my Pinterest account, I was intrigued, but I just didn't feel like it...I was burnt out.

From the encouragement of a fellow online entrepreneur, I finally created my Pinterest for business account and started pinning, I could see my lame 20 monthly viewers up in the left corner of my screen. Cool. Now I had a better way of measuring my suckiness. But hey, it was 105.00% better than it was, apparently. Thank goodness I'm not good at math.

I started watching what the crazy pinners were doing. I started following those in my field. I began transforming the way I was pinning. I slowly began to discover my monthly viewers were increasing...and fast.

In the beginning of January I started at 8.7K monthly viewers, by March, I jumped to 62K and am currently at a whopping 271.1K monthly viewers.

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I cracked the code and was LOVING it. I went from not seeing email subscribers for weeks on end, to getting daily subscribers. Not only that, but they were engaging in my content. I actually began getting replies to my automated emails and clients booking discovery calls. What was happening? Pinterest. Who knew?

How did I do it? I started with six simple steps! Get your quick start guide HERE!

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