• Erin Dickson

5 Business Hacks I learned from my Child

So last April, I'm chillin' with my kids at a resort in Myrtle beach when I suddenly notice my 10yo, Meryk, has gone missing. I nervously glance around the pool and see him chatting it up some random guy. Curious and a bit alarmed, I quickly move towards them, wondering why my child has sought out a grown man. As I approach, he excitedly introduces me to this apparently famous YouTuber.

Okay, first of all, what? The courage and bravery it took to approach this "untouchable" (in his mind) icon, was a bit mind-blowing to me. Next thing I know, he's invited himself to be on film with this guy. AND asks him to give him a "shout-out" to his channel um...which he did! This resulted in 200 new subscribers for my son's YouTube Channel. (I threw the link in there in case you have any younger ones...not suitable for adults)

You know what my biggest problem was before my business became successful? Being to afraid to take risks! I'm not talking investing thousands of dollars kind of risk. I'm talking hit the damn "go live" button on my phone.

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If I had always run my business like my 11-year-old child, I swear I'd have gotten much further, much quicker. Here are 5 hacks I learned from my child that have helped my business EXPLODE!

1. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, who cares what you look like, sound like or what you share...your business is about YOU being successful. You might just have to plow through all those doubts and fears about how you look to get there... Meryk uploads YouTube videos almost daily.

2. Don't listen to people who think your ideas are far-fetched. My children have BIG dreams, famous YouTuber, Rapper, Artist, Best-Selling Author...you name it. They'll do it all. Wanna bring your biz to 5 figures...who says you can't? If you believed it were possible, what would you do RIGHT now? How could you start taking action today?

Snag your Free Workbook: 5 Steps to Becoming Fearless in your Biz and START bringin' the Money In!

3. Take criticism as helpful feedback or bullshit, depending on what it is...

Meryk hasn't always had the confidence of a rock star. Nope, I was so scared when he first started posting his YouTube videos. I know how cruel people in the world can be. I also know that I can't protect him from it. If I try, I'm preventing him from learning to develop a thick skin on his own. He gets hate comments once in a while on his videos. He doesn't care! This FLOORED me! My self-conscious little guy developed so much confidence from this process that I can't help but feel proud.

4. Ask for support, ask people to share your business posts, and invite people to jump on a free call with you, better yet, invite them to hire you. Meryk would not have gained 200 subscribers if it weren't for his courage to simply ASK. You must be willing to be rejected once in a while. Need help with this? I LOVE this Tedtalk! It's called "100 Days of Rejection", a MUST-SEE!

5. Be freakin' bat-shit crazy once in a while. Do something you never thought you'd do. Jump out of your comfort zone. Do something out of the norm for you. Act silly. Have fun. LOVE your business. It's YOUR passion! Remember why you started!

Meryk is pretty much bat-shit crazy all the time. It seems to work for him.

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