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The 5 Day Goal Crusher Challenge is a self-study/self-coaching program designed for adult teachers, adult students and/or small groups of motivated high school seniors or college students looking to remove barriers from reaching their goals.  This program is a GAME CHANGER for anyone who is ready! It consists of 5 different workbooks, one for each day.

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Building Confidence 8 Week Curriculum Pa

8-week group counseling curriculum for girls struggling with confidence and self-esteem. This guide contains a teacher workbook, a student workbook and a student certificate of completion. Each week includes progress check-ins, goal setting and engaging group activities.

Teachers Guide to Stress Managment for T

Stress Management Curriculum for Teens includes a Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook. Each lesson contains a different classroom activity, which may include movement, interaction, role playing and activities. Some topics and ideas were taken from "Fighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens", by Earl Hipp

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This program includes music, movement and creativity to make this an engaging activity that encourages students to think outside the box.  Lessons also include teaching students to replace unhealthy and unsafe responses to anger with healthy and safe responses.  The anger triggers part of the lesson helps students discover what triggers their anger and includes a fun movement activity that kids will love!

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This curriculum contains 8 engaging lessons, to teach students how to manage worry and anxiety in a classroom, small group or individual counseling setting.


Also included is a "Worry No More" Cheatsheet!


The first four lessons are comprehensive and could take a 45-60 minute class period, the last four are quick, simple strategies that could be used at the beginning or end of class, prior to a transition.

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