From Surviving to Thriving

Cultivating Positive Energy in the Workplace

Research suggests that on average 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs.  Imagine if you worked in a place where everyone...

Strived for common goals

Felt EXCITED and ALIVE to walk through the doors each morning! 

Brought a positive energy into the workplace every day

Worked together to find a solution, rather than focus on the problem

Fabulous News!

You can and You will!

During this workshop you will:

Engage in energy activities to understand how POWERFUL your thoughts really are!


Learn how to shift your thoughts to TRANSFORM the energy in your work environment, regardless of the behavior of others

INFLUENCE others to feel motivated 


Discover how to feel ENERGIZED about your daily tasks

Understand how to work towards a SOLUTION, rather than focus on the problem

Leave KNOWING the exact steps to take to begin changing the culture of your  work environment from SURVIVING to THRIVING!

Life is 10 percent what happens to us


90 percent how we respond to it.

-Charles R. Swindoll

What others have said...

Erin was amazing and inspirational!
Great speaker!
Now I can do anything!
Erin's energy was infectious!
Refreshing!  Amazing way to end the day!

Hi!  I'm Erin Dickson, a Life Transformation and Business Coach from Gravity Life Coaching.  It is my mission to help individuals understand and embrace their own personal power, to create positive change.

I witness too many people unhappy in their work environment.  It is my strong belief that this is not due to their current circumstances, but rather their own beliefs, thoughts and actions. 

We often waste energy focusing on the actions of others, energy that could be used working towards a solution.  Life doesn't have to be that way!  My workshop is aimed at teaching individuals a new way.  It helps them to discover a life that excites them and makes them feel alive, rather than living by habit and default!  It helps them to create change the not only impacts the workplace, but also improves personal relationships and overall life satisfaction.