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Sally's Story

and the backpacks we carry ...

A powerful presentation for educators

Everyday, students file into the school building with their backpacks overflowing.  Not with books, but with varying degrees of trauma, conflict, worry, fear, uncertainty and anger.  Many times, the students don't even realize the weight of their packs.


  Meet Sally, a girl who decided in the 4th grade that school was an unkind place.  Sally's teachers witnessed her social and academic struggles, but had no idea the burdens she was carrying.

Often, teachers struggle to deal with the various issues that students lug around with them, because they vary so greatly. While teachers have a great responsibility to educate, it's difficult and seemingly impossible when students are not in a position to learn.

Until now

Imagine if you could...

Break through to each student in an effortless way regardless of what's in their "backpacks"

Connect with students who are difficult to reach so they come in excited and energized to learn

Discover new strategies to engage and manage those difficult to get along with students

Learn how small shifts in your thinking and behavior can lead to major transformation in your classroom and in the lives of your students

Believe you can and you're halfway there

-Theodore Roosevelt

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"Erin’s presentation is powerful - both in terms of the content and her delivery. She weaves a compelling story about a child who is dealing with a lot of turmoil in her young life, doing her very best to survive emotionally.  Erin draws the audience in masterfully, inviting everyone to consider our own emotional baggage in order to empathize with the children in our care.  The information presented is so very important for anyone who works with children or teenagers, and Erin makes this information relevant and accessible to everyone. This presentation is sure to touch the hearts of each and every audience member."

-Jacqueline Leathers

Challenges are what makes life interesting 

Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful


"Teachers, you don't want to miss out on hearing 'Sally's Story,' as the message is powerful!  It will make you stop and think about how you perceive your students and their actions at school.  It really hits home.   And the twist at the end will leave you with a feeling of surprise and genuine compassion for your students.  Every student has a story and if you're fortunate to hear Sally' Story, it will open your eyes and open your heart."

-Liza Stevens

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be Kind.



-Derek Pappaceno

"Like the needs in our education, this was relevant.  Erin did an amazing job!  She captivated the audience and had us engaged.  As someone who suffered from anxiety and depression, a few years back, I was pleased to see this presented to our staff.  It was no surprise to us, but a great reminder that our kids come to school with baggage.  We often forget that there is a reason for the way our students act and respond to us.  Many home situations are not supportive or conducive to learning.  As educators we need to be mindful that our students are all unique and come from different environments, and this applies to our staff as well."

Strength doesn't come  from what you can do.

It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't..

-Rikki Rogers

What others have said...

Erin was amazing and inspirational!
Great speaker!
Now I can do anything!
Erin's energy was infectious!
Refreshing!  Amazing way to end the day!


Hi, I'm Erin.  I have been a School Counselor for the past 18 years in the public school system, and have created my own business as a Life Transformation Coach and Motivational Speaker.  

So often, as teachers, we find it difficult, if not impossible to teach students who are not ready to learn.  As a School Counselor, I have discovered that when students are struggling with things like parental discord and divorce, substance abuse in the home, conflict, worry, anxiety, past trauma and other issues outside of school, it gets in the way of their learning.  In addition to this, the baggage we carry as teachers, gets in the way of our teaching, whether we are aware of it or not. 

The problem we face is that we NEVER know what a student carries in with them when they come into the classroom, and truthfully, it's not our job to know.  It would be impossible to address all of these things while trying to teach!

Sally's Story offers strategies that teachers can leave with to help students feel connected and energized to learn, no matter what they're struggling with.

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