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Helping High School Students

Discover their

Passion & Purpose

Kids are capable of SO much more than they know.  If only we could...

Help them bridge the gap between their biggest dreams and what they believe is possible

Empower them to feel EXCITED about their future

Motivate them to Do, Be, Have, and Create ANYTHING they want

Stop them from LIMITING themselves by what they've come to BELIEVE is possible

Fabulous News!

We can and We will!

During this workshop students will:

Begin to discover and FEEL EXCITED about their life purpose

Engage in energy activities to understand the power of their thoughts 

Learn how to use their thoughts to create major LIFE TRANSFORMATION

Find ways to manage their time that actually leads them to feel energized about their daily activities

Leave KNOWING the exact steps to take to work towards their goals and dreams

You are Braver than you Believe

Stronger than you


Smarter than you


-A.A. Milne

What others have said...

Erin was amazing and inspirational!
Great speaker!
Now I can do anything!
Erin's energy was infectious!
Refreshing!  Amazing way to end the day!

Hi!  I'm Erin Dickson from Gravity Life Coaching.  It is my mission to help students embrace the fear that comes with making major life decisions.  I have been a Guidance Counselor for the past 13 years and am slowly transitioning into life coaching. 


I witness too many students limit themselves by what they believe is possible, rather than strive for what they truly want.

I see too many adults stuck in careers that are unsatisfying.  Kids grow up believing that work is supposed to be hard, rather than fulfilling.  They see adults in their lives feeling chaotic, overwhelmed and always, always busy.  Life doesn't have to be that way!  My workshop is aimed at teaching students a new way.  It helps them to discover a career path that excites them and makes them feel alive, while providing an income!  It will help them to use fear in their growth process, rather than as a barrier to growth.  

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